John Brooks Slaughter Center for Engineering Diversity

On September 20, 2023, we gathered in the Epstein Family Engineering Plaza for an inspirational event, which marked a milestone for our community: the naming of the Viterbi Center for Engineering Diversity (CED) in honor of Emeritus Professor John Brooks Slaughter. We are fortunate that CED will carry in perpetuity the name of a legendary, pioneering engineering leader with an unwavering commitment to equity and excellence in engineering education.

If you missed the event, I encourage you to watch the inspiring tribute video, which chronicles the history of both Dr. Slaughter and CED. His remarks at the event can be found in this link. I hope that you find them inspirational and uplifting. We welcome your sharing any reflections or feedback.

Attachment: John Brooks Slaughter Center for Engineering Diversity

Published on October 29th, 2023

Last updated on October 29th, 2023