Leveraging Your Cultural Wealth

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Sonya Lopez

Leveraging Your Cultural Wealth (Session #3: 1:55-2:45PM)

You know what wealth is, and you know what culture is, but have ever heard of Cultural Wealth? At this workshop we are going to discuss how your Cultural Wealth has supported your journey thus far and how you can continue to leverage it to achieve your personal and professional goals


B.S., M.S. and PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering | UCLA

Job Title: 

Associate Professor


Cal State LA

About Me:

Her research areas include developing methods to ascertain climate variability's impacts on the long-term surface and subsurface water, water storage, ecosystems, wildfires, and water quality using novel modeling techniques and integrating advanced observation data. This work involves modeling studies to include local, sustainable technologies using both physically-based and conceptually-based hydrologic models. Thus far, she has received over 10 million computing hours, over $1 million as PI, and $10 million as Co-PI in research funding. Her long-term goals are to broaden the participation of underrepresented minorities in STEM through engagement in research and mentorship.

Published on February 28th, 2023

Last updated on February 28th, 2023