Next Steps

Pre-Engineering Process for Newly Admitted First Years

Step 1: Follow instructions on the orientation website to sign up for orientation.

  • Keep an eye out for an email from the Office of Orientation Programs inviting you to reserve a Permit to Register. Your Permit to Register is a window of time during which you will register for your first semester of courses. You will select from dates and times set by your department.

Step 2: Complete your Pre-Registration Checklist

  • After reserving your Permit to Register, you must complete a Pre-Registration Checklist on Blackboard. This must be done before you meet with your advisor and register for courses.

Step 3: Submit the Pre-Engineering Information Packet

  • This packet will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Completing the information packet registers you as a pre-engineer. After completing the packet you will begin to receive communication from a pre-engineering advisor closer to your orientation date.

      Step 4: Attend a live Pre-Engineering Group Advising Session

      • We will be holding drop-in advising sessions as well to answer any individual questions you may have leading up to registration.
      • You can sign up for a session in the Pre-Engineering Blackboard course.

      Step 5: Enroll in courses

      • If you filled out the pre-engineering information packet, a pre-engineering advisor will send you a fall course plan the Monday prior to registration.
      • You will be able to enroll in your courses during your registration window. Advisors will be available if you run into any issues during the registration process.

      Step 6: Keep in Contact.

      • Your current declared advisor is still your main contact for university related questions, mandatory advising, and lifting any advising holds. However you can still meet with pre-engineering advisors if you have any questions about the pre-engineering process, need clearances for engineering-related courses, or need academic support.
      • We will be in contact to verify your review date. If you are no longer interested in the pre-engineering process, please let us know.
      • We will automatically review your admission to Viterbi at the end of your review term once all grades have been posted.