Next Steps

Pre-Engineering Process for Current Students

Step 1: Submit the Pre-Engineering Information Packet.

    Step 2: Receive a semester course plan from a Pre-Engineering advisor.

    • Around 3 weeks after you have submitted the Pre-Engineering Information Packet, you will receive a course plan for the classes you should take this semester (if it's before the add/drop deadline) or next semester (if it's after the add drop deadline).
      These courses will take into account any university requirements such as GEs, pre-engineering courses, and any other courses that will help you make progress toward your intended Viterbi major.
      We will keep giving you a semester course plan in the middle of the semester, before registration, while you are in the pre-engineering process.

    Step 3: Keep in Contact.

    • Your current declared major advisor is still your main point of contact for university-related questions, mandatory advising, and lifting any advising holds on your student account.
      However, you can still meet with pre-engineering advisors if you have any questions about the pre-engineering process, need clearances for engineering-related courses, or need academic support.
    • We will be in contact to veirfy your review date.
      If you are no longer interested in the pre-engineering process, please let us know. 
      If you are deactivated, you are still welcome to reach out for any pre-engineering questions in the future and reactivate your status if needed.
    • We will automatically review your admission to Viterbi at the end of your review term once all grades have been posted.
      Our team will send you an email during finals week if you are ready to be reviewed for admission.
      Admission decisions are sent around 4 weeks after the end of the semester.

    Published on November 30th, 2020

    Last updated on November 11th, 2022