Study abroad at HKUST

The Hong Kong Univeristy of Science and Technology was founded in 1991 and has quickly become a top university in Asia.

In 2011, HKUST had over 6,000 undergraduate students enrolled in either science, engineering, business, or interdisciplinary programs. Each year, over 500 international undergraduate exchange students attend HKUST. The School of Engineering (SENG) is the largest of the five schools within HKUST, composed of over 2,300 undergraduates. The SENG has six departments: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Civil and Enviromental Engineering; Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management; and Mechanical Engineering.
You can read more about HKUST, living in Hong Kong and their engineering exchange program on their website.

You can read about Preparing for an exchange at HKUST here. 

Wondering what HKUST looks like?

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Exchange students are required to take between 15 and 18 credits (units) per semester. It is recommended you take 16 credits. Most courses are 3 credits.You can choose a combination of courses from different disciplines, as long as you meet the prerequisites for the courses and there is space available in the course.

HKUST offers courses in the following areas that might be applicable to your degree requirements:


Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Chemistry, Civil & Enviornmental Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Electronic & Computer Engineering

Industrial Engineering & Logistics Management

Information Systems, Business Statistics & Operations Management


Mechanical Engineering


HKUST Course Syllabi can be found here

Please review the HKUST Fact Sheet

Refer the HKUST course catalog for course descriptions. Undergraduate courses are 1000- to 4000-level. You need to consult with your USC academic advisor in order to determine the appropriate course equivalencies for your degree requirements. Not all courses are offered every term.

Semester Dates

The fall semester is from September to December. The spring semester is from February to May.


Exchange students may apply for on-campus housing as long as space permits. Details about student housing are available online. You are responsible for paying your housing costs to HKUST.

Living Expenses

Estimated living expense for one semester, including housing, are:



For more information regarding HKUST's estimated living expenses please visit their Living Expenses FAQ. This does not include flights, tuition, and any additional costs not mentioned in the FAQ. 

Be sure to check current exchange rates to determine the costs in U.S. dollars.

Medical Coverage

All exchange students are required to have the HKUST Compulsory Travel Insurance. You are also required to be covered by the USC Overseas Health Insurance plan. Both are mandatory and neither can be waived, no exceptions.

Visa Requirements

All exchange students must obtain a student visa unless they have the right of abode in Hong Kong. HKUST will assist you obtaining your visa. You are responsible for paying all costs associated with obtaining your visa.

More Information

For more detailed information, please view the HKUST website.

Published on August 22nd, 2016

Last updated on August 10th, 2022