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WIE Fishbowl Conversation

Join us for a brave and productive fishbowl conversation about being a woman in engineering! We invite and encourage participation from ANYONE and EVERYONE in Viterbi (not just women)! Ask questions, share your opinions, or simply listen to others’ experiences to grow as a person and as an engineer. Click here for more info. 

WIE Leadership Conference

Find your leader within by participating in workshops, hearing from our keynote speaker, networking with alumni in industry, and so much more! Click here for more info. 

WIE Launch

This event kicks off our exciting semester! Attendees should look forward to a fun lunchtime event where they will meet other women in engineering and get to know how WIE works.

    • Fall 2022 WiE Launch is on September 7, 2022 from 5-6:30 in the Epstein Plaza! RSVP Here
    • Spring 2021 WiE Launch slide deck: Link
    • Fall 2020 WIE Launch recording: Link

Black Women in STEM Series

Calling all Black female-identifying engineers at USC! Join WiE and NSBE for the new Women in NSBE series this semester! Come to connect, network, and build with fellow black female-identifying students at Viterbi!

WIE Social Events

Join us for various social events throughout the semester for a chance to meet other women in engineering! We will be doing different activities each session, including escape rooms, puzzles, watching movies, online games, and more.

Outreach Events

WIE hosts two outreach events a year in an effort to promote engineering and STEM among younger girls. During the fall, WIE hosts WIE Connect for high school girls. The high school girls have an opportunity to learn more about the various fields of engineering via a number of hands on workshops. In the spring WIE participates in the national Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day bringing middle school girls to campus to engage in a number of hands-on activities, student panels, and a chance to learn how engineering can make the world a better place. For fall 2020, WIE is partnering with our K-12 Stem Center to provide local middle school students virtual STEM activities.

Book Club

Welcome to WiE’s first ever book club! We will be reading books that highlight different issues pertinent to women in engineering or the world around us. The books will be selected by the group, and sessions will occasionally include guest speakers and subject matter experts! This is also just a great way to meet people and bond over a common activity.


WiE Mentorship pairs first-year and transfer female students with a female sophomore, junior, or senior. This program aims to provide first year students with a source of support and guidance while helping to build community. WIE mentors will inspire students, serve as resources, and help increase the retention of women in engineering.

Career Series

Come out to our interview prep and resume prep sessions for help on what questions can be expected and how to answer them, as well as how to craft a resume that showcases your strengths well! We will go over commonly asked interview questions as well as how to break down and eloquently answer almost any question that is thrown at you, as well as common resume do’s and don’ts.

Industry Series

This series is for networking with top company representatives! Learn about the exciting opportunities available to you and how to get involved at Medtronic, Facebook, Embodied, Protiviti, AT&T, Abbott, and Edwards Lifesciences. These sessions will consist of recruitment information, tips and advice for various industries, and even some interactive workshops!

Dinner and Discovery

This series of dinnertime workshops will expose attendees to a range of topics, including interview prep, stress management, and financial literacy. 


Women in Engineering Meets Women In Industry is one of our largest events, during which we invite female alumni to a panel discussion and Q&A. Before and after the event, students will be able to mingle and network with panelists.

WIE Grad Coffee Hour

Every first Thursday of the month, WIE hosts a WIE Grad Coffee hour providing graduate students an opportunity for informal networking and connections.

WIE Grad Professional Development Panels

Details coming soon!

Published on September 8th, 2020

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023