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July 21, 2020
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Description of Company and its Mission

GoldenBiotech, LLC, is an early-stage startup biotech/biopharma R & D company focusing on using novel tailor-made polymeric drug delivery systems, fabrication methods, biomaterials, and specially adjusted formulations to treat serious diseases.

Our mission is to demonstrate proof of principle in treating serious diseases in our target areas of drug delivery and biomaterials. Our vision is to treat serious diseases by transferring biomedical breakthrough technologies to the global healthcare community.

Our current focus is on the long-term treatment of glaucoma and seriously ill Covid-19 patients.

We have 3 part-time openings for science/engineering student interns in the summer and fall/spring semesters. The students will work on all 3 areas described below.

Core Requirements: High GPA in math and science/engineering. Good problem solving and organizational skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Works well in teams. Lab experience desirable.

Area 1: Fabrication developer. Assist in the preparation of novel polymeric biomedical materials for implantation and drug delivery. This is a hands-on position involving meticulous weighing of materials, high speed mixing and analyzing the micro-mechanical properties of the resultant polymers. 

Area 2: Pharmaceutical Analyst Hands-on position in the analysis of in vitro drug delivery by use of state-of-the-art software controlled High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Individual will become proficient in computer controlled operations and multi-sample handling.

Area 3: Pharmaceutical Formulator Development of a new treatment for Covid-19. Part of the development work will use advanced rheological techniques and particle dynamics.

To Apply: Please email Merrill Goldenberg, PhD, at GoldenBiotech a 1-2 page resume including your science/engineering and math courses taken as well the grades for these courses. Include relevant high school courses. Please also include any lab experience. This will allow us to get a better grasp of your background. Note that the hours are flexible but generally extend from the afternoon into the evening M-F and can include Saturdays. Current students in the lab will soon be going to out of town universities and thus new interns will be selected early to maximize overlap with the current students.

Send application materials to the following email:

Published on July 21st, 2020

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