ETC@USC Student Challenge – The Future of Creative Resources; a Cross-Generational Experience – Kick Off 10/5

You are invited to participate in the Entertainment Technology Center at USC’s Fall student challenge: The Future of Creative Media Resources: A Cross-Generational Experience Challenge.

Technology and processes in the entertainment industry are changing rapidly. AI, virtual production, mixed reality, and other emerging tech tools, as well as changes in the culture, are causing us to rethink processes.  Yet many of the goals of the entertainment and experience industry remain the same. 

At a time of revolutionary change, it is good to have mentor-like relationships with folks who know what is important to retain. How can we forge alliances between the legacy community who have a wealth of knowledge in the storytelling arts, and the rising filmmakers/creators helping shape the new tools and resources? How do you, as a student, plan to access these amazing legacy talents as you develop your storytelling skills with the new tools that will be in your hands? What would you like the organizations and institutions around you do to support your idea?

The challenge is to articulate an idea for tapping into this resource. The idea can be either generally applicable to the creative industry, or specific to an aspect of the creative process that particularly interests you.

Go to to learn more about the Challenge and to sign-up to receive updates as we get closer to the Challenge launch event date.

Published on September 24th, 2023

Last updated on September 24th, 2023