Black Doctoral Network Research Poster Session & Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

February 23, 2023
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Why Should Students Participate:

  • Obtain experience in presenting theoretical and scientific research at a conference
  • Gain exposure and feedback for your work
  • Develop skills in effective communication for an academic audience
  • Meet students and faculty from graduate programs across the country
  • Connect with academic and industry professionals for mentoring opportunities


Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

McNair scholars and undergraduate research scholars are encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition. All undergraduate students who make a submission will be automatically entered in our Undergraduate Research Poster Competition. Submitters who are ranked in the Top Ten will advance in the competition. The remaining undergraduate submitters who are accepted, will take part in the Research Poster Session, which will be exhibition/showcase style with no judging.

Submission Information

We welcome submissions from current undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, students of professional degree programs, as well as postdoctoral scholars (as of Fall 2022) from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Poster submissions are welcome from any academic discipline. Previously accepted posters were in the areas of STEM, humanities, and the social sciences (e.g. education, fine arts, environmental science, biology, business, sociology, and health). The submission details must include the title of the poster, purpose of the project, methodology and theories, tables/figures (if available), results/conclusions (if available), and references.

Presenters must include, but are not limited to, the following sections on their poster:

  • Title/Authors: Title is clear and informative. Author, faculty advisor(s) name, and university’s name listed
  • Purpose (objectives or introduction) identified, stated clearly, and explained
  • Theories/Methodology are described
  • Results/Findings are presented (tables/figures included if available)
  • Summary/Conclusions are clearly stated
  • References are listed

Decision Notifications

The deadline to make a submission is March 3, 2023. Decision notifications will be sent on March 10. Accepted presenters will need to register by March 31. Only one poster may be presented per presenter and one presenter per poster. All presenters must be 18 years or older.

Full details are available online:


For questions regarding the Poster Session please contact:

Dr. Deandra Taylor



Published on February 23rd, 2023

Last updated on February 23rd, 2023