Viterbi Learning Program

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Viterbi Learning Pairs Program

Have you ever wanted a mentor to answer your questions about USC, Viterbi, or your chosen Engineering specialty? Interested in more consistent tutoring? Want to 'skip the line' and receive first-priority scheduling? If you answered 'YES!' to all of those questions, then the VL Pairs Program is a perfect fit for you!

VLP offers Undergraduate and Graduate students the opportunity to be paired with a Certified Viterbi peer tutor. The student and tutor will meet on a consistent basis throughout the semester (weekly/bi-weekly) and will cover material in one course. VL Pair Students will get first dibs on their Paired Tutor's schedule, giving them a consistent stream of tutoring at their preferred time. In addition to receiving tutoring, VL Pair students build a strong mentoring relationship with their Tutor and expand their Viterbi community network.

Viterbi Learning Pairs will resume Fall 2023, with a new Pairing Form becoming available in August. The form will be available on this page when it is live.


Published on January 22nd, 2021

Last updated on June 6th, 2023