Viterbi Learning Program

Setting You Up For Academic Success

Classes Offered

Bryce: MATH125, MATH126/129, MATH226/229, PHYS151/161, PHYS152/162, AME201, AME204

Riyana: MATH125, MATH126/129, MATH 226/229

Kwayera: AME101, AME201, AME204, AME 310, MATH125, MATH126/129, MATH226/229, MASC110, PHYS151, PHYS152, ITP168

Aamani: MATH125, MATH126, MATH226, MATH245, CHEM 105a, CHEM105b, CHEM 322a, PHYS151, CHE120, CHE330, CHE305, CHE350, CHE444a

Aaron: All CEE courses, PHYS 151, PHYS152, MATH 125/225/226/245

Lynne Bai: CSCI 102, CSCI 103, CSCI 104

Bryce Rogers

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Riyana Jennifer Gobin

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kwayera Burrows

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Aamani Ponnekanti

Chemical Engineering

Aaron Berden

Civil Engineering

Lynne Bai

Computer Science