What you need to know before your arrival

Important notes regarding course selection:

You may not enroll in graduate courses numbered 500 or higher.

You must take a minimum of 12 units in the Viterbi Schools of Engineering

Courses may require pre-requisite courses or the equivalent coursework. Make sure you meet all qualifications before selecting for such courses.

Make sure your final schedule has no time conflicts. You cannot enroll in courses whose class meeting times conflict.

All of the listed class times are set on the schedule and are unlikely to change.

Some courses include a lecture section, a discussion section and a quiz section. Consider all components of the course when planning your schedule.

You are allowed to change courses up through the third week of classes. But there is NO GUARANTEE that you will find space in the course or time that you want.

Academic Calendar

  Classes Begin
Classes End Final Exams
Fall  August December  December 
Spring  January  May  May 

Course Selection

Exchange students are expected to enroll in 12-18 units. This can be anywhere from 3 to 5 courses, depending on how many units each individual course is worth. In your application, please select as many courses as possible to ensure that you are able to enroll in at least 12 units.

Each 4-unit course at USC meets for approximately 4 hours a week. Final exams are scheduled over a 1-week period at the end of the semester. The times for all exams are set prior to the semester, and exam times CANNOT be changed. Please pay attention to the final exam schedule when selecting classes.

Registering for Courses

After you have been accepted to USC, you will be sent an email with your USC ID number, as well as instructions on registering for courses. We do our best to place you in your first choices, but due to classroom size limitations, we are not always able to do so. You will be able to change your registration until the end of the third week of classes.

Schedule of Classes
University Catalog

A Community of Honor

We are the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, a community of academic and professional integrity. As students, faculty and staff, our fundamental purpose is the pursuit of knowledge and truth. We recognize that ethics and honesty are essential to our mission and pledge to uphold the highest standards of these principles. As responsible men and women of engineering, our lifelong commitment is to respect others and be fair in all endeavors. Our actions will reflect and promote a community of honor.

Academic Integrity

Policies related to academic integrity are online. It is very important to review these policies and speak with your instructors if you have questions about how the academic integrity policies apply to assignments.

Academic Expectations

Class format: Most classes are lecture format, with homework and problem sets, discussions, lab sessions and/or collaborative project format.

Attendance: Class attendance is mandatory.

Participation: Class participation is typically part of the student’s grade.

Grading: Please carefully review the syllabus provided by your faculty.

Published on August 22nd, 2016

Last updated on December 15th, 2022