Maker Space Facilities


The Baum Family Maker Space is designed to support the creative activites of the Viterbi School of Engineering undergraduate students.  The facilities are available to any Viterbi undergraduate student to work on whatever they choose regardless of whether or not it is related to their studies at USC.


The Workshop is the heart of the Maker Space with over 20 workbenches for use by students.  Students have ready access to a wide variety of tools, both manual and powered.  The Workshop is adjacent to the Maker Space staff office so students have easy access to the full-time staff for help with any problems that come up.  For students with larger projects they can request access to one of the lockers in the Workshop for storing their work. A large walk-in freezer is available for the storing of material that requires being kept frozen.  The Workshop also include a wet lab area with a sink and fume hood for working with chemicals.


Team Spaces

Viterbi student competition teams occupy much of the Baum Family Maker Space.  Each team is allocated a space based on their needs, but are encouraged to collaborate with other teams and to share ideas and solutions to problems that arise.  Presently the Maker Space houses the following Viterbi student teams.

Aero Design, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, ChemE Car, Concrete Canoe, Electric Race Car, Recumbant Vehicle, Solar Car, Steel Bridge and USC Racing


Advanced Fabrication Lab

The Advanced Fabrication Lab houses a variety of 3D printers and other equipment for fabricating a wide variety of items.  A Stratasys F900 and Stratasys Fortus 250MC 3D printers are available for fabricating items up to 3'x3'x2' in a variety of media.  It is planned that the lab will also includes multiple laser cutters and a number of smaller 3D printers.


Machine Shop

The Baum Family Maker Space is staffed by two full-time professional machinist.  Students can submit requests to the staff to have components fabricated.  Engineering students may also arrange for the staff to train them in how to use the equipment. The Machine Shop contains a number of state-of-the-art machine tools including a Haas VF-2SS milling center and an OMAX 5555 waterjet cutter. The facility also has three Bridgeport mills, three lathes, a horizontal band saw and numerous smaller tools.


Outdoor Work Areas

It's Southern California, so why not work outside whenever possible!  The Maker Space has two outdoor areas that students can use for welding, pouring concrete, assembling large items and other tasks.  A paint booth will be available for spray painting, and a sandblasting booth is also planned.  Both of the outside areas have large doors to faciitate moving items out to the street for loading onto trailers to go to competitions.


Published on October 16th, 2020

Last updated on November 9th, 2021