Join ETC@USC – Preparing for the Multiverse Event on 2/16

February 10, 2022
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As the culture, art, and commerce spaces rebalance to incorporate blended physical and virtual options, it is clearly important that we understand early on how changes will impact our business and creative endeavors.
Please join us Wednesday, February 16th, 1:30-4:45pm PT for SIX (6) 25-minute talks over Zoom.  
Our speakers spend their days thinking about how the emerging metaverses will impact creativity, business development, and the fabric of society.
  • Edward Saatchi, founder of Fable Studio and organizer of Culture DAO will speak on the future of art, creativity, and support for artists in the metaverse
  • Caitlin Burns, Director of Story at Palm NFT Studio, will discuss Non-Fungible Relationships: What Do NFTs Mean for the Future of IP?
  • Eric Holdener, Founder & CEO, and Rachel Joy Victor, Director of Strategic Insight & User Experience at Kinestry, an Innovation Studio.  Eric & Rachel provide Sense-Making for consumer-facing companies approaching the Metaverse and NFTs.  The pair have already educated and led Strategy Design for Nike, VF Corp, and, on the 25th, for Activision.  Answering key questions including “How to navigate this new space?” and “How to produce human-centered experience storytelling in the Multiverse?”
  • Krista Kim, a contemporary artist who has exhibited at the Palais of Tokyo Museum and the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, will discuss Techism, an art movement that reconciles technological innovation with the creation of art
  • Catherine D Henry, SVP Growth: Metaverse & Innovation Strategy at Media.Monks will speak on How Brands can prepare to enter the Metaverse: identifying near-term opportunities to translate digital strategies to virtual worlds to drive engagement and traction
  • Robert Tercek, futurist, consultant, and the author of the internationally best-selling book Vaporized, will examine the economic drivers that will shape the Metaverse. The talk will raise questions about the rights of human participants in corporate-designed and -controlled worlds. Tercek wants to examine the question of whether we will unconsciously replicate the artifacts of neo-colonialism in virtual worlds.
  • Phil Lelyveld, director, ETC Immersive Experience (Moderator)
This is an ETC Digital Town Square symposium with support from Kinestry

Published on February 10th, 2022

Last updated on June 13th, 2022