New Financial Aid & Scholarship opportunities do not stop after the admission process.

Each year, continuing undergraduates should be re-evaluating their need and merit-based aid opportunities. This page helps to outline current available funding sources for continuing undergraduate students at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. In most cases the primary resource for financial assistance is need-based aid provided by the USC Financial Aid Office. Please visit their website for information on applying for and receiving aid as well as a listing of several scholarship resources. Be sure to pay special attention to all of their deadlines!

Viterbi Scholarship Application & Renewal

In addition to applying for need-based aid, continuing undergraduate students within the Viterbi School can apply for various donor-supported scholarships each year via the Viterbi Scholarship Application. Any continuing undergraduate student who has received the Viterbi School Merit Scholarship and/or the Merit Research Award must also submit the application for renewal every year by the deadline.

This year’s deadline is March 1st, 2017. Continuing undergraduate students also have the opportunity to submit an application by this date if they are interested in requesting additional funding.

Scholarship Application & Renewal Form

Application Closed

The Scholarship Application & Renewal Form will open in January, 2018 for all Fall 2018 renewals.

All Applications must be received no later than March 1, 2018 at 11:59:59PM

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Other Scholarships

In addition to the Viterbi Scholarship Application, Viterbi Admission and Student Affairs compiles a listing of additional scholarships for continuing undergraduate students. The Scholarship Board lists awards offered though other USC departments, professional engineering organizations, industry partners and/or a variety of other organizations.


NAE Grand Challenge Scholars

The Grand Challenges Scholar Program recognizes graduating seniors who have engaged in educational and co-curricular activities surrounding grand challenge topics: making solar energy economical; advancing health informatics; providing access to clear water; and reverse engineering the brain.

Financial Aid Workshops

In an effort to assist students in understanding the Financial Aid process and pertinent deadlines, Viterbi Admission and Student Affairs holds two Financial Aid Workshops every year. At these workshops a representative from the USC Financial Aid Office will review the application process for all continuing students who are renewing or applying for financial aid for the next academic year. Contact the Viterbi Admission and Student Affairs Office in RTH 110 if you have any questions.