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84693Peer Tutoring

VARC offers FREE peer tutoring for all undergraduate engineering students. Tutoring is available for most lower-division math, physics, biology and chemistry courses, as well as many engineering courses.

Getting Started

Signing up for VARC tutoring is easy! Visit the "Courses & Schedules" section below to see what classes our peer tutors can help you with, then register for VARC and schedule your tutoring session through the VARC Tutoring Appointment Manager in How do I know if I need tutoring? Nearly all of our students can benefit from some form of tutoring! Even our VARC tutors sign up for tutoring in classes they need help with. Tutoring is most beneficial if you come early in the semester and make tutoring a regular part of your study schedule – don’t wait until the day before your midterm to come in! Do I have to make an appointment? We recommend that you make an appointment, and you may book an appointment up to the appointment start time. If tutors do not have any appointments, they can see you as a walk-in. So if you have a question, feel free to drop by! Keep in mind our busiest times are in the afternoons and evenings.


Study Room

VARC has a large study room that you can use for your individual study time or to meet with your study group. The study room is available for any Viterbi student to use from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

VARC Resource Library


VARC has a resource library full of commonly-used textbooks and workbooks to help you study. We also recently added GRE test-prep books. You are free to use anything from the resource library while studying in VARC. If you have any suggestions for additional books, please email us at

Employment Opportunities

Peer Tutors

Peer tutors help their fellow students achieve their academic goals through tutoring, mentorship, and support. All VARC tutors conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions and drop-in tutoring sessions. Tutors also may conduct academic success workshops, lead Supplemental Instruction sessions, help out at group study sessions, and advertise VARC services, as well as assist with new VARC projects and initiatives that come up throughout the year.

Good candidates for a VARC tutoring position must:

  • Be an undergraduate or progressive degree program engineering student.
  • Have at least a 3.50 overall GPA and a 3.30 major GPA.
  • Be enthusiastic about helping others.
  • Demonstrate good teaching and mentoring abilities.
  • Attend training meetings at the beginning of each semester.
  • Attend monthly team meetings.

Tutors work up to 8 hours per week for 13 weeks during the semester.

Application Process

When hiring, positions are advertised on the Viterbi Undergrad blog

Front Desk Assistants

As the first person students see when they come into VARC, front desk assistants are responsible for answering many questions about tutoring, resources, and other USC academic support programs. Front desk assistants also help out with a variety of projects for Viterbi Student Affairs.

Candidates for a front desk assistant position must:

  • Be undergraduate engineering students
  • Demonstrate good customer service and problem-solving skills
  • Work independently to complete projects and tasks.
  • Be receiving federal work study as part of their financial aid package.

When hiring, positions are advertised on the Viterbi Undergrad blog

Academic Support Network

VARC isn't the only place for help with your classes! Be sure to check out these additional resources that are part of the Academic Support Network: