Center for Undergraduate Research in Viterbi Engineering (CURVE) Fellowship


Continuing Researchers

CURVE Continuing Researchers are defined as current Viterbi undergraduate students who have already participated in undergraduate research experiences at USC for at least 2 semesters. This category generally applies to undergraduate students in their second year or above. All past recipients of the CURVE fellowship are also considered as Continuing Researchers. CURVE Continuing Researchers are eligible for funding during fall, spring and summer terms. 

Continuing Researchers generally have an established working relationship with a faculty mentor in a research setting. CR applicants who are returning to the same research lab must submit a research project proposal, along with a letter of funding support from their faculty mentor. 

Continuing Researchers who are seeking to transfer to a new lab can indicate themselves as an "Open Match" applicant and list their lab preferences. 

A limited number of continuing research participants will be selected to receive $2500 for the academic year ($1250 for Fall and $1250 for Spring) or $3000 for the summer semester. Stipend typically comprise of a 50/50 cost-share model, with half of the funding from CURVE and the other half from sponsoring faculty. Faculty are encouraged to apply for URAP in order to support undergraduate research funding.

If faculty is not able to sponsor, continuing students can also seek supplemental funding through other USC fellowships. Continuing students are encouraged to apply for other funding opportunities, such as the USC Provost Undergraduate Research Fellowship (PURF) or WiSE Researchers Program. If students receive alternative funding for a semester, CURVE will cover the funding for the other semester. This funding model will ensure that CURVE funding can be extended to as many students as possible, especially for first-time researchers who are not yet eligible to receive other forms of USC research fellowships. 


Application Process for Continuing Researchers:

For Continuing Researchers looking to continue with their current lab, submit details about your current research lab and letter of support from your faculty/PI to confirm that you have been offered a research position for the full academic year.

  • Research Project Proposal (2-page maximum)
    • Your research project proposal must address the following:
      • Project Title and Description 
      • Scope of Work
        • Outline specific tasks and responsibilities related to the research project. If part of a group project, be sure to delineate between individual versus group responsibilities. 
      • Future Goals
        • List short-term and long-term goals you hope to achieve from this research experience.
          • Short-term goals can be directly linked to your proposed research project, including publications,  conference presentations, symposium presentations, etc.
          • Long-term goals can be more broadly defined, including post-graduate academic and/or professional pathways as it relates to your research interests.
  • Letter of Faculty Funding Support 
    • Letter can come from faculty supervisor of your research lab. The letter should support your project proposal, along with confirmation of 50% funding sponsored by the faculty or research lab.

Continuing Researchers looking to join a new lab can participate in the Open Match process and fill out the lab preferences section of the application. 

All Continuing Researchers, regardless whether they are returning to the same lab or looking to join a new one, must also submit: 

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume (1-page maximum)
  • Transcript
    • For continuing students: Please upload your most recent USC transcript (official or unofficial). You are welcome to include transcripts from other institutions if you have taken coursework outside of USC that is relevant to the research project. 


CURVE Application

Published on July 7th, 2022

Last updated on July 5th, 2024