Study engineering abroad in Singapore

The National University of Singapore is a leading English-speaking, global university centered in Asia. NUS’s 36,000 students come from 100 countries, with international students making up 20% of the undergraduate population.

NUS also offers wide variety of cultural experiences, student clubs and academic societies to provide students with rich experiences outside of the classroom. For more information about life at NUS as an international exchange student, check out Journey Beyond Your Shores.


At NUS, courses are called modules and units are called modular credits. Exchange students are required to take at least 12 modular credits (MCs) per semester and no more than 20 MCs. In order to maximize your chances of securing at least 12 MCs, NUS recommends that you use all 10 module (course) choices in the online application form. Please use the following resources to aid you when selecting modules.

NUS offers courses in the following areas that might be applicable to your degree requirements:

School of Computing

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Informational Systems

Faculty of Science




Faculty of Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

You need to consult with your USC academic advisor in order to determine the appropriate course equivalences at NUS for your degree requirements.

Semester Dates

The fall semester (Semester 1) runs from August to December. The spring semester (Semester 2) runs from January to May. Each semester has 13 weeks of instruction and 2 weeks of exams.


Accommodations are not guaranteed but NUS tries it’s best to place exchange students on either on-campus or off-campus options. Students must indicate on their application if they want to apply for housing. You are responsible for paying your housing costs directly to NUS

For more information about housing accommodations for exchange students, please refer to NUS’s Hostel Admission Services.

Living Expenses


Living Expenses, Including Housing Per Month

Be certain to check current exchange rates.

More Information

For detailed information about application procedures, required supporting documents, important dates, student visas, contact details, etc., please read the NUS Info Sheet AY201718, read Journey Beyond Your Shores, or visit the NUS International Relations Office website for prospective exchange students.

Medical Insurance

All exchange students are enrolled in the NUS Health and Insurance Scheme (HINS). You are also required to be covered by the USC Overseas Health Insurance plan. Both are mandatory and neither can be waived, no exceptions.


All exchange students are required to obtain a visa (Student’s Pass). NUS will assist you in obtaining your visa. You are responsible for paying all costs associated with obtaining your visa.