Updates for KIUEL & End of Year Celebration Planning

April 8, 2022
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Klein’s Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life (KIUEL) is recruiting for next year! KIUEL hosts events for the entire Viterbi community and oversees the Viterbi Presidents Council. There are a wide range of positions available and the application can be found here: tinyurl.com/kiuel2223


  • KIUEL Storage in RTH
    • I stopped by RTH yesterday and we can definitely organize the Love, Viterbi cards to give to the respective persons. I will be there again on Tuesday and I can separate them.
    • Jacqueline will go in and collect the cans to donate to Trojan Shelter asap
    • Is there anything else you would like us to do with our items in the room?
  • KIUEL End of Year Celebration and KIUEL Choice Awards
    • April 20th at 4pm
    • I made this spreadsheet for catering from Corner Bakery. It’s for sandwiches and some snacks, Should we add anything else? I also did it for 40 people – do you think this is good or too many/too little?
    • Do you have any indoor suggestions for a room that we can book for this event? We’d prefer one with a screen so we can present a PowerPoint.
    • We also have prizes for the KIUEL choice awards – Hisham and Daniel (our Freshman reps) will have this added to the spreadsheet by Monday. I anticipate that it would be purchased from Amazon or the USC bookstore so hopefully, we will get everything in time.
  • KIUEL Recruiting
    • Myself, Shakthi, Hisham, and Daniel are returning next year. I’m going to create flyers to fill the remaining positions this weekend and I’ll get them to you on Monday.
  • VPC
    • Here’s the incoming roster form. Let me know if you would like to get any other information from the orgs/clubs. I also added a question at the end if they have any suggestions for Summer Series Topics.

Published on April 8th, 2022

Last updated on April 12th, 2022