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Petition & Registration Forms

As an engineering student, you may find that you need to submit a petition or registration form.  

Please note that all students must work with their major academic advisor to begin the petition process. All Viterbi students are expected to follow their major and general education requirements as outlined in the USC Catalogue.

Assignment of an Incomplete (IN) and Requirements for Completion

Exception to Residency

The Exception to Residency form is considered only under extenuating circumstances. For any questions, please contact your assigned advisor.

General Petition (Viterbi Course)

General Petition (USC, Non-Viterbi Course)

The General Petition forms above can be used for the following types of exceptions:

  • To count course units for which the degree limit is already met
  • To count course taken out of sequence for unit and grade point credit
  • To repeat a course for grade point credit
  • To count course as non-repetitious for subject, unit and grade point credit
  • Other reason (must be stated)

If the course is offered through the Viterbi School of Engineering, please use the General Petition (Viterbi Course) form. If the course is offered outside of Viterbi, then please use the General Petition (USC, Non-Viterbi Course). If you have any questions about the type of course, please consult with your assigned academic advisor.

Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit

Students must consult with their academic advisor prior to submitting the Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit form. Also, please note that a statement is required in order to process the petition.

Post Reactivation

Time Conflict

For instructions on completing the Time Conflict Form please visit askUSC. You do not need to reach out to your academic advisor to begin this process.


For any questions or concerns, please contact your major academic advisor.

Published on December 17th, 2020

Last updated on August 28th, 2023