Use the links below to d-clearance or prerequisite waiver requests for your fall 2019 classes.

Declared students should already be cleared for the classes they discussed with their advisor. Please check for your cleared sections in WebReg under My Info > Cleared Sections before submitted a request.

  Declared Viterbi Majors

  • Are you a first-year freshman with a declared Engineering major?
  • If so, submit requests for all Engineering, Math, and Science courses here (including CS courses)
  • Sophomore-Seniors, submit requests directly to your major advisor.


Submit D-clearance request

  Pre-Engineering Students


Submit D-clearance request

  Enrollment Issues & Special Permissions

Computer Science

  • All pre-engineers must begin with CSCI 102, unless you have earned a 4 or 5 on AP Computer Science or at least a 5 on the IB Computer Science exam, in which case you can begin in CSCI 103.
  • Pre-engineers can submit d-clearance requests here.
  • Declared Viterbi Majors can use the link above.
Computer Science d-clearance requests

Taking Summer Courses at another Institution

Many students choose to take math or science classes at a local community college over the summer. Please note that GE’s and writing courses must be taken at USC.  If you take a math or science course outside of USC that also carries GE credit (i.e. PHYS 151, CHEM 105A, BISC 220) you will not earn the GE credit. Be sure to check with your advisor to see which courses would be good options for you.

If you are planning to take a course at a California Community College, you can view articulation agreements here to find an equivalent course. If you are planning to take a course outside of California or at a 4 year institution, you can use an articulation history site to find an equivalent course. *Not all transferable courses will be listed here.

  • Summer courses must be pre-approved. You can access the pre-approval form on MyUSC > OASIS > Course Transfer.
  • Check your TCR after you submit your request to make sure the course is equivalent before you enroll (follow the instructions outlined here).
  • You can submit multiple pre-approvals while you are exploring classes. You are not locked into taking a class once you submit a pre-approval request.
  • Contact the college you plan to take the course at to enroll. USC does not enroll you in the class, you must follow the enrollment process of the college you are planning to attend over summer.
Pre-Approval FAQ

Enrolling in GE Seminars with more than 32 units

All freshman are required to take a GE Seminar (GESM) during either their first or second semester at USC.

GESMs are intended for first year students, so only students with 32 units or less are able to register via WebReg. However, we know that many students come in with AP, IB, and A-level credit, which causes you to have more than 32 units.

If you are receiving an error when trying to enroll in your GESM that says the course is not authorized for your class level, please follow the following instructions:

  • Choose 3 GESMs that work for your schedule
  • Email the GE Office ( to request clearance
  • Once you receive clearance, enroll in the course via WebReg
Read more about GE Seminars here

Changing a GESM after classes begin

The GE Office manages the enrollent for GESMs after classes begin. If you’d like to add or change your GESM but need d-clearance, follow the instructions below:

  • Print an Add/Drop form or pick one up from RTH 110
  • Get the instructor’s signature indicating approval for you to add the class
  • Immediately take the form to the GE Office located in GFS 320
  • If your request is approved by the GE Office you will be granted d-clearance
Read more about the registration process


For students in the W.V.T. Rusch Engineering Honors Program, you can request clearance via the d-clearance for the Honors Colloquium via the declared student link above, or via the d-clearance request tool in MyViterbi.

  • Not sure what the Engineering Honors Program is? Check out the website to see if you qualify to apply!
Learn more about EHP

Course Conflicts

Occasionally, two courses that you need will overlap in time. If the overlap is not a substantial amount of time, or it is for a quiz section of a course, many times you can enroll in both courses using a Course Conflict Form. To enroll using a Course Conflict form, follow the instructions below.

  • Print a Course Conflict form from online, or pick one up from One Stop (JHH Lobby) or RTH 110.
  • Talk with the instructors of both courses, create a plan for when you will miss part of the class.
  • Obtain the signature of both instructors.
  • Take the completed form to One Stop located in the John Hubbard Hall Lobby.
Print Course Conflict Form

Exceeding 20 units in a semester

WebReg will allow you to enroll in up to 20 units without any special permission. If you are planning to enroll in more than 20 units, you will need to fill out an Exceeding 20 Unit Petition. Follow the instructions below.

  • First, talk with your advisor about wanting to enroll in over 20 units. Be sure that you understand the workload and additional tuition costs.
  • Print a Petition to Exceed 20 units or pick up form from RTH 110
  • Complete form, including compelling reason for enrolling in more than 20 units
  • Drop off at RTH 110 for approval
  • Once approved, take the petition to One Stop in JHH Lobby to enroll
Print Exceed 20 Units Form

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