Learn across disciplinary, institutional, physical and cultural boundaries when you participate in iPodia, an interactive classroom without borders.

Take part in the changing the landscape of 21st century education that connects you to students across the globe at other leading universities via teleconferencing technology and group trips to other countries.

Promotes peer-to-peer interactions among students across some of the world’s leading universities from major world cultures.

You and other students from iPodia universities around the globe will gather in a “single” classroom.

The physical classrooms are linked together virtually; you will see your global classmates on screens projected in your classroom, and they will see you in each of their classrooms.

Audio and video are linked live, so you will access the same lecture, professor and discussion at the same time.

  • Learn together with global classmates
  • Benefit from an expanded personal network globally
  • Work on team projects with top students from global elite universities
  • Help others to learn as a way of learning a subject yourself
  • Discourse with people who have a different cultural backgrounds than yours
  • Travel abroad as part of your courses without interrupting your degree program

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Courses & Registration


In this borderless classroom, you are able to study side-by-side, discourse back-and-forth, and work on team projects collaboratively.
You will be assigned a discussion group for each week to connect with local and international classmates for processing and absorbing material provided for the course.
You must be dedicated to learning and put in effort to work with your classmates to complete projects, coordinating across time zones.

Courses Offered

ENGR-345: Pinciples and Practice of Global Innovation

Preparing global innovation leaders for the future. Understand how to use various socio-technical factors to identify the emerging global market trends as innovation targets, before individual customers become aware of their needs and wants.

PTE-503: Technology of Unconventional Oil & Gas Resources Development

Work on an international team on a challenging project. Learn how to coordinate an international group.


Submit your resume/CV.
Please submit all information as soon as possible, as spots are very limited.
An interview will be arranged upon receipt of the resume.

Participating Universities

Peking University (PKU)
Beijing, China
Qatar University (QU)
Doha, the State of Qatar