Your college experience is about more than just what you’re doing in the classroom.

This is your time to explore your interest, apply your academic learning to real world experiences, and build a community with your fellow engineering students.
Viterbi supports your quest for co-curricular involvement and we know you’ll achieve valuable learning inside and outside the classroom. In addition to all the school-wide involvement opportunities you’ll find at USC, we have great programs, events, and student organizations specifically for our engineering students.
Student Organizations Across USC
Student Organizations Across Viterbi

Student Organizations

Viterbi has 50+ student organizations dedicated to the engineering student experience. These organizations range from academically focused by major, to design or competition teams, special interest groups, honor societies, and more.In addition, USC is home to 800+ student organizations across the campus. To explore our Viterbi-Affiliated organizations or learn about the campus-wide organizations, use the links below.

Campus Activities

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Resources for Organization Leaders

Leadership Development

We believe that all our students have the ability to be leaders and have the power to make a positive difference in the world around them. Whether you’re involved in a student organization, active in our local community, in  your classroom, or at your workplace, Viterbi students are leaders in their daily lives and we have plenty of opportunities for you to continue developing and refining your leadership skills.

We are here to help you learn more about yourself, the world around you, and how to effectively lead others through various involvement opportunities, programs, and events. Check out the various opportunities below for ways to develop your skills as a leader to use in the classroom, at your internship, or in your student organization.

Freshmen Academy Coach

The Freshmen Academy is a fall semester class for first-year Viterbi students to introduce them to the field of engineering. The class is taught by enthusiastic professors and upperclassmen engineering student mentors, known as Academy Coaches.

Coaches are friendly, proactive, responsible and organized, and are expected to act as role models for freshmen students during their college transition.

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KIUEL Programming Committee

The KIUEL Programming Committee supports and enhances existing student development programs in Viterbi and creates and implements new initiatives that contribute to the experience of Viterbi undergraduates.

They host events during E-Week, bring you the Get Connected Involvement Fair, run the Viterbi President’s Council meetings and more.

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Viterbi Student Ambassadors

VSAs share their experiences and stories to provide prospective students a real honest perspective on student life.  From blogging to videos to events to social media, VSAs are helping potential USC Viterbi students learn more about what college life is like.

From working with prospective students in high school to admitted students to transfer students, you’re helping to share what #ViterbiLife is like.

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Volunteerism & Community Service

USC and Viterbi are committed to serving and creating partnerships with the community around us. We strive to be an active member of our local community and work to make positive impacts locally and globally through the various programs and opportunities students have to give-back.

Joining volunteering and service programs or events contributes greatly to students’ out-of-the-classroom learning experiences, allowing opportunities to apply theory to practice, understand the growing needs of the world around us, and truly understand the societal impact of engineering and it’s vital role in the global world.

As emerging professionals in an industry well positioned to make positive impacts in the world, we encourage Viterbi students to participate in the many volunteer and service opportunities we offer, as well as the university at-large. Explore the information below for ways you can give back.

STEM Educational Outreach

Provides programs and services to local K-12 schools. Volunteers introduce young students to the key concepts of science, technology, engineering and math, provide academic support and give college/career counseling to better prepare them for the collegiate experience.

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Viterbi Impact Program (VIP)

To understand the societal impact of engineering, VIP connects undergraduate Viterbi students with the Los Angeles community. Participants play a vital role in bringing engineering to the community, working as partners with local schools and organizations. 

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Go Global

Our many volunteer and service opportunities are not limited to local projects and sites. There are multiple programs designed to give students the chance to go abroad and make positive impacts on our global community through internships, study abroad courses, or alternative break trips over winter and spring break.

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Other Opportunities

In addition to joining an organization, feel free to explore some of these programs for other ways to get involved:

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering promotes, encourages, and nurtures innovation of its students. Through exploring innovate approaches to solving ideas and questions sparked in the classroom or group dialogue, students are discovering the valuable impact engineers have on the world around them. In an rapid changing global community, many programs and services on campus strive to support student entrepreneurship, invention, and innovation through collaborative, and cross-disciplinary avenues. Explore the options below for ways to bring your exciting ideas to life.

Viterbi Student Innovation Institute

The VSi2 is dedicated to fostering the creativity and innovation of our engineering students. Taking ideas inspired by students and providing them a space to turn them into successful ventures VSi2 has everything students need to bring their dreams into reality.

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Competition Design Teams

Viterbi supports several student-run competition and design teams across various engineering majors. They work collaboratively with faculty and students from other majors to compete locally and nationally. Work on these projects helps foster student innovation and apply classroom learning to hands on experiences.

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University-Wide Innovation

USC believes strongly in the benefits of investing in student ideas, research, and innovation. With multiple innovation spaces and organizations across campus, there are various opportunities for students to expand their creativity and engage in cross-disciplinary projects.

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