Congratulations on being accepted to the Viterbi PDP!

The information provided below will assist you in answering potential questions you may have while you are pursuing the program.

How Do I Change My Course Plan?

Step 1: Download the Revised Course Plan form and complete it. If you decide to print and complete the form then ensure you do so in pen and not pencil.             Revised Course Plan Form

Step 2: After completing the form you should meet with  your advisor(s) who will review and approve your Revised Course Plan. Please note that If you have not yet completed your Undergraduate degree  you will need to meet and seek the approval (signature) of your Undergraduate advisor. However if you have already completed your undergraduate degree then you will only need to meet with and seek the approval (signature) of your Graduate advisor.

Step 3: Check to make sure that your Revised Course Plan form has been completed correctly (forms completed in pencil, with crossings out or white out will not be accepted) with the appropriate signatures. If everything is completed correctly then submit your Revised Course Plan form  to Viterbi Graduate Admission. If your form has been completed and signed electronically then you can submit it via email to Alternatively you can submit the form by hand to OHE 106

Important Note: You are encouraged to file a Revised Course Plan (RCP) as soon as you make any changes to your original PDP Course Plan or previous RCPs. Once your bachelor’s degree is awarded, all course work completed and used towards your BS degree is locked and may no longer apply towards the MS graduate degree unless it has been previously designated as part the MS degree program (and reflected on the graduate program STARS report).

How Do I Change My Major?

Since you have been admitted to the PDP program already, it will be up to your program department advisor to approve the change of major. If approved, you will need to submit a change of major form and a revised course plan to or to OHE 106

I Do Not See My Revised Course Plan Reflected In My STARS Report?

Please check your STARS report 7-10 business days after you receive an email from our office that your revised course plan has been forwarded to Degree Progress. If you still do not see the change reflected please email us at

Can I transfer from PDP to the Traditional Master’s Program?

In order to change to a traditional master’s, you must go through the USC admissions process as any other traditional student would. Please complete and submit the USC Graduate Admission Application. You do not have to pay the application fee and should be able to get a fee waiver by following the instructions here.  GRE is typically not required. Once you are admitted to the traditional Master’s, please contact Degree Progress so that they can remove any encoding from the STARS report that has to do with the PDP.

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