Viterbi Business Model Competitions

Dear Students,

Interested in joining a USC startup team? Do you have an innovative idea that could be a business?

We are now fostering team creation and accepting applications to two Business Model Competitions: The Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition (MEPC) and the Min Family Engineering Social Entrepreneurship Challenge (MFC). These are four month long competitions organized in collaboration with the USC Greif Center of Commercialization that provide teams with Business Mentors, NSF I-Corps Workshops, and the change to compete for over $200K in prizes and awards to support your startup.  In fact, all teams that are admitted to the competitions will get an NSF I-Corps Mini Grant of $2,500 to support customer discovery. All teams must have a Viterbi student but interdisciplinary teams are highly encouraged.

If you are looking to recruit team members or join a team, check out

For more information on the competitions, check out and

To apply, go to Application Deadline is Sunday, Oct 9th.


Best regards,

Peter A. Beerel (Viterbi)

Greg Autry (Marshall)

Andrea Belz (Viterbi)


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