The Value of Networking

Networking is a very important component of being successful during the job search. See this document for more information on developing your 30 second ‘elevator pitch’ along with some questions you can ask during a networking event.

Complete the worksheet at home and practice with friends! You want to make sure you go into  any networking event or the career fair feeling confident and ready. The 30 second pitch exercise will help you think about what you want to share with recruiters and practicing with others will help you become comfortable saying it.

9 Career Networking Tips for College Students

  1. Stop in to your school’s career services office.
  2. Actively engage in your classes.
  3. Reach out to faculty and staff.
  4. Use LinkedIn.
  5. Talk to recent graduates.
  6. Take advantage of networking events.
  7. Do an internship – and take it seriously.
  8. Ask for an informational interview.
  9. Connect with your company of choice on social media.- Alison Doyle, The Balance

    Read the full article here.

Upcoming Workshops

1/24/17, 4- 5 pm: Preparing for the Engineering Career Fair

1/25/17, 5-6 pm: Preparing for the Engineering Career Fair- Presented by Intel

1/26/17, 12-1pm: Cover Letter Workshop

2/2/17, 4:30-5:30pm: Navigating U.S. Recruitment Process– International Students encouraged to attend!

2/7/17,  5-6pm: Navigating the Internship & Job Search

2/8/17, 4-5pm: Interviewing Strategies and Techniques

2/15/17, 12-1pm: Cover Letter Workshop

2/15/17, 4:30-5:30pm: Navigating the Internship Search

2/16/17, 5-6pm: Interviewing Strategies and Techniques

3/1/17, 4:30-5:30pm: Find More Jobs & Internships: Viterbi Career Gateway Workshop

3/7/17, 4-5pm: Find More Jobs & Internships: Viterbi Career Gateway Workshop

*Locations can be found in the Viterbi Online Calendar or Viterbi Career Gateway.


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