The Rewards of Research & How to Find Them

The literal and figurative riches of research are more accessible than you think.

Learn how to financially, academically, and practically make the most of your undergraduate research experience here at USC!

Pizza and drinks will be provided.

February 28th
2-3 PM
WPH 203

Hosted by CET Undergraduate Fellow Natalie Ramsy

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Jenny Vazquez-Akim

Author Jenny Vazquez-Akim

Jenny is the Director of Student Engagement and Career Connections in the Viterbi Admission & Student Affairs Division. Jenny manages many of the undergraduate student life programs at Viterbi, as well as the services and programs that connect all Viterbi students with their post-graduate plans. Jenny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from USC, a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU, and a Doctorate in Education from UCLA.

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