Summer Courses and the Pre-Approval Process

By April 6, 2018 Advisement, Announcements
Many students choose to take math or science classes at a local community college over the summer to free up space in their course plan later on.

If you are planning to take courses outside of USC, you must submit your courses for pre-approval to ensure you earn credit.

Follow the steps below to find and submit courses.

  • Use an articulation agreement site (for California community colleges) or an articulation histories website (for non-California schools) to find a class equivalent to the USC class. *If you do not find a class on this list, you will need to look through the school’s course catalog to find a course that covers the same topics.
  • Next, determine whether or not course will be offered in the upcoming summer term. USC cannot conduct a transfer evaluation for summer courses unless the transfer institution’s summer schedule of classes is available.
  • Next, submit the desired course for pre-approval via OASIS. Follow the instructions for pre-approval here.
  • Talk with your advisor to update your course plan and to confirm the course is appropriate to take over the summer.
  • Contact the college where the course is offered to enroll.

GEs and writing courses cannot be taken outside of USC. It is important to be mindful of GE credit when taking science classes outside of USC. For example, if you take an equivalent course to PHYS 151 or CHEM 105a outside of USC, you will earn the major credit, but not credit for GE-E. If you have any questions about this, just ask your advisor for clarification!

Learn more about the pre-approval process

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