RSVP for the AME and ASTE Spotlight, March 11th!

It isn’t too late to RSVP for the Spotlight on Astronautical, Aerospace, and Mechanical Engineering! On Tuesday, March 11th, a panel of alumni will be in RTH 211 to chat with you from 7:00-8:00pm. PIZZA will be provided!

Some companies that hire AME students include: 

Aerospace Corporation, Aerovironment, Aerotek, Boeing,
Honeywell, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lockheed Martin,
NASA Facilities, Scaled Composites, SpaceX, US National
Labs (Livermore, Sandia), Northrop Grumman, U.S.
government agencies… and many more!

Some career options in AME include:
Design and build vehicles for use on land, on the seas, and in space
Develop new devices including satellites, aircraft and rocket components
Improve the safety of existing products
Develop nuclear energy standards
Develop control systems for robots and automated machinery

Some companies that hire ASTE students include: 

Aerospace Corporation, The Boeing Company, Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Lockheed
Martin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA Research
Centers (Glenn, Marshall, Johnson), Raytheon, SpaceX,
Virgin Galactic… and many more! 

Some career options in ASTE include: 

Design rocket vehicles
Design, build, and test satellites
Operate unmanned spacecrafts and probes
Build space instrumentation and sensors
Conduct government research
Lead space operations
Become an astronaut


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