Research Opportunity: Forest Bioproducts

During the Summer of 2015, the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute offers for the third year an opportunity for 10 highly qualified undergraduate students to participate in research for a 10 week period, 6/1 – 8/07/2015 .
This research experience is funded by the National Science Foundation.
Women, minorities and students with disabilities are strongly urged to apply to the program.

Award Includes:
• $5000 Stipend + On Campus Housing Provided
• 2 of the 10 Students to Perform their Research in Chile
• Week Long Research Experience & Exchange in Chile for all Students
• Opportunity to Perform Research on Pressing Global Issues Relating to Sustainable Product Development and Biofuel Generation from Woody Biomass

Research Opportunities
• Sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis
• Feedstock Extraction/ Modification
• Process Control and Sensing
• Nanomaterials Production and Utilization
• New Product Development
• Nanotechnology Risk Assessment

• Forest Operaions
• Resource Economics
• Bioproducts
• Bioenergy
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Chemical Engineering
• Bioengineering
•Material Science
• Nanotechnology

• Current undergraduate in sophomore or junior year
• US Citizen or permanent resident
• Must have a valid passport

• Fundamental and Applied Forest Bioproducts Research
• Access to State-of-the-Art Research Equipment and Facilities
• Technical Writing and Oral Presentation Opportunities
• Ethics Workshop
• A Series of Evening and Recreational Activities
• Field Trips!

The rolling application deadline is March 31, 2015.

For more information visit:
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in The University of Maine and University of Concepción, Chile

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