HTE@USC – Radiology Symposium

We have an exciting event coming up! Thursday, March 27. An opportunity for Viterbi students and faculty to collaborate with Keck students and faculty at an all day workshop.

Integrating Advances in Imaging and Engineering Technologies: A Theme-Focused Technology Collaboration!


The Department of Radiology of the Keck School of Medicine of USC Health and Technology & Engineering Program HTE@USC USC Viterbi School of Engineering: Information Technology Program

The diversity of medical and engineering experience and skills found among the USC community can create enhancements, tools and new applications of advanced technology to meet challenges arising in Radiology.

This workshop invites you to actively participate in the process of finding solutions. The day will be organized around needs articulated by clinicians and refined by students working to bring engineering faculty and students who can offer fresh ideas. By the end of the day, the workshop will inspire and launch interdisciplinary teams to work on projects to develop solutions to address these needs enabled by advances in imaging and engineering technologies. The workshop will foster new links between engineering and radiology via solution-focused application of engineering perspectives, tools and devices.

The workshop’s resulting “Technological Roadmap” will feature students driving an iterative process linking clinical needs with creative and attuned solutions offered from an engineering perspective. Collaboration and mentoring to facilitate success of these interdisciplinary approaches to addressing clinical needs are core functions of the Health, Technology, and Engineering Program at USC.

Target Audience: Junior and Senior Faculty members from the Viterbi School of Engineering, the Keck School of Medicine and the physical sciences. Medical Students, Engineering students, Engineers.

Workshop Agenda:
Student presentations
Faculty and Student Group Activities
Technology Roadmapping Process Discussions

Lunch will be served.
Viterbi School of Engineering:
1042 Downey Way, DRB 246
Los Angeles, California 90089-1111

Keck School of Medicine:
1975 Zonal Avenue, KAM B6
Los Angeles, California 90033-9038



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