Interested in applying for honors physics this spring?

By October 21, 2016Advisement, Announcements

Planning to take Physics 151 in the spring and interested in applying to the honors section? The application for Physics 161 (the Honors version of Physics 151) is now live.

Before you apply, consider that Physics 161 is truly an advanced, fast-paced  and challenging course that requires students to go above and beyond the physics requirement of their major. We only recommend you apply if 1) you have a significant background in math and physics (including AP and/or IB calculus and physics) AND 2) you are passionate about physics and are ready to put forth the additional effort  and time required to be successful in this advanced physics course.

If you’re interested in applying to take Physics 161 this spring 2017, please submit your application by the deadline: Tuesday, November 1st. If you have any questions about if you are taking physics in the spring, we recommend you speak with your academic advisor.

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