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See Hitachi Consulting Next week at the Viterbi Career fair on October 11th!

I am Matthew Fleishman and I graduated from USC in 2001.

While at USC; I enjoyed being a member of the Spirit of Troy (The USC Trojan Marching Band), the USC Ballroom and Latin Dance team (Webmaster and electronic communications chair) and Magicians club (where engineering meets entertainment).

My current role at Hitachi Consulting is a Manager in the Delivery division.  My job has two basic requirements. The first is to design and implement the solutions my need clients to progress, grow and meet that new benchmark. It could be something as simple as converting a process from an old system to a new system or something as complicated as redesigning the supply chain architectural layout for 45 sites. In my position I explore questions about how new layouts can increase efficiency and lower costs. The second requirement is making sure that my fellow consultants are learning and growing professionally.

With Hitachi Consulting, I have had the chance to work on several projects for a couple of Fortune 100 companies.  It is amazing the difference you can make for a client when you constantly challenging them to achieve higher standards.  Many projects I’ve worked on have been with manufacturers from various industries(chemical, technological, medical devices, textiles, agricultural etc), but every so often I can get something different.  I had a client whom was a municipal water district and the biggest challenge they had with their new system was the MICR font on their checks was not printing correctly.  After many long days, we resolved the issue and the client’s workload was reduced by 60% compared to before the new accounting system was in place.  I’ve also gotten to try new things I’ve never done, such as updating some of our social media applications. Hitachi Consulting has pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’ve grown more professionally because of it.

Since graduating from USC, I have learned how to focus my energy and drive into a career that I like.  Immediately after graduation, recruiters placed me into professions that did not match my personality. It took time for me to realize this and find the right fit which has now led me to where I am today.  The other thing I have learned is the importance of proper time management and sleep.  Staying out with friends to 2am and then getting to work at 7:30am the next day is not a sustainable routine if you want to grow professionally.

I love working at Hitachi Consulting because every day is a new challenge.  In management consulting and solution delivery, there is no “clockwork” routine.  You need to be adaptable to tackle any challenge that comes your way.  That could be a testing cycle being pushed back a month or a flight being cancelled due to weather leaving you stranded halfway across the country. At HC, we are a very passionate team that shares the same vision in achieving greatness for our company.  The most unique professional aspect of Hitachi Consulting is that there is a career path laid out and everyone will help you attain the advancement you want.  I have worked at firms where office politics or other circumstances led to someone being put into a position where they were unable to progress professionally.  At this company, VPs talk to junior and senior resources to make sure we’re doing everything so that everyone has the opportunity to grow and progress professionally.

See Hitachi Consulting Next week at the Viterbi Career fair on October 11th!

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