Have a paper due soon? VARC offers writing consults!

You may know that the Viterbi Academic Resource Center offers free peer tutoring for your math, science, and engineering courses, but did you know VARC also offers writing consultations for academic papers?

If you are taking a writing course, GE, or any course that requires a paper, our writing tutor would be more than happy to help you out.

Working with a writing tutor can help you:

  • Develop your writing skills.
  • Organize your reports
  • Learn proper form and grammar

Not sure where to start? Bring your assignment and any feedback you’ve already received. Common topics during writing consultations include:

  • Narrowing the thesis for the paper
  • Developing relevant examples
  • Revising the paper to incorporate the instructor’s suggestions
  • Citing evidence correctly
  • Using the appropriate voice
  • Using convincing and relevant examples
  • Using commas correctly
Tips for a Productive Consultation

Writing consultations are most productive when you have thought in advance about what you would like to work on with the consultant. If you are in the beginning stage of working on a paper, let the consultant help you explore brainstorming techniques to generate ideas for answering your instructor’s assignment. If you have written a draft, go through the draft and mark those areas you are least satisfied with.


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