Emory Law School Juris Master Program

Emory’s Juris Master degree is a one-year master’s degree for non-lawyers, including young professionals pursuing careers in engineering, technology, and information sciences – and perhaps especially in the areas of environmental engineering, biomedical engineering, technology transfer, innovation, and intellectual property-oriented fields. The Juris Master program seeks to meet the growing demand for an understanding of law and regulation, if engineering and technology professionals are to effectively navigate the growing role of regulatory oversight, compliance, and risk and liability issues in their field.

The Juris Master concentration in innovation and intellectual property law is designed to enhance students’ knowledge of U.S. and international business law and intellectual property law, and to help distinguish themselves in their job searches and careers. Students gain an in-depth and practical understanding of the legal issues surrounding commercial, private, and venture capital transactions, international business, and innovation and rights protection, in the context of technology development and commercialization.

Emory Law School’s proximity and connections to the Georgia Institute of Technology and to many environmental, civil, environmental, and biomedical engineering companies, as well as well major corporations in Atlanta – including Coca-Cola,Delta, UPS, and others – offer Juris Master students access to an unparalleled combination of knowledge and networking opportunities.

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Intellectual Property & Innovation Juris Master

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