EDUC 210: Breaking the Code to College Success

Planning for fall and have some room in your schedule? Consider adding the following course offered by the Rossier School of Education.

For Fall 2018, Rossier has the exciting opportunity to have Dr. Erika Patall teaching EDUC 210: Breaking the Code to College Success! This 2-unit course will be held on Wednesdays.

Course Overview:
Based on decades of research in educational and performance psychology, optimal performance is not an unbroken code but rather can be explained through critical beliefs and behaviors that facilitate success. In this course, students will examine research that addresses how the human mind works in terms of learning and memory and specific strategies based on this research that facilitate academic success. Topics include factors that can enhance or hinder performance such as motivation, metacognition and self-regulation, stress and anxiety, mindfulness, concentration, self-talk and others. Students apply the knowledge and skills to enhancing their own performance in any academic subject.


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