CECS Alumni & Industry Spotlight Panel – February 15th (7-8pm)

The next installment of the Viterbi Alumni & Industry Spotlight is coming up on February 15th from 7-8pm in Ronald Tutor Hall (RTH) 211 and will focus on Computer Science & Computer Engineering.

Why attend the CECS Alumni & Industry Spotlight?

Computer Science & Computer Engineering are versatile majors with many career options you can pursue! We have a talented group of panelists who will answer any questions regarding the Computer Science/Computer Engineering industries (including startups and games), most useful classes, internships, tech interviews and more!

We have a talented group of panelists who work in a wide range of industries including startups and games, who will be here to answer any questions about jobs, internships, tech interviews and more!

If you’ve ever wondered about what companies like Google are looking for, what it takes to be CEO, or what problems from Cracking the Coding Interview are most important, come to our industry spotlight to get answers from USC alumni who have been through the process!

Meet our Alumni Panelists:

  • Josh Villbrandt (M.S. ’12, CSCI)- Software Developer, SpaceX
  • Luke Ravitch (B.S. ‘01 CSCI, M.S. ‘07 CSCI)- Software Engineer, Google
  • Scott Sebelius (B.S. ‘05, CECS)- Head of Product & Engineering, Versus Systems
  • Tom Gerken (B.S. ‘02, CECS)- Co-Founder & CTO, Panjo
  • Thuy Troung (B.S. ‘09, CSCI)- CEO GreenGar Inc.


RSVP is required HERE for this event (Please RSVP by Tuesday, February 14th).

For questions or more information about the event, please contact Diane Yoon at dyoon@usc.edu.

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