Apply to Viterbi Student-Alumni Mentoring Program (VSAMP) – Apply by April 19th!

Having a VSAMP mentor has been one of the most valuable experiences for many students that have participated in the Viterbi Student-Alumni Mentoring Program (VSAMP).

If you would like a mentor during your time in Viterbi, apply for VSAMP!


Students have meetings with mentors who are Viterbi alumni via phone, skype, or in person at least once per month during the 2017-2018 academic year (Sep-May).

VSAMP Mentors assist with:

  • Expanding your knowledge and understanding of how an engineering degree can be used.
  • Increasing your motivation to continue in studies as you see the relationship between courses and your chosen career come together.
  • Helping you prepare for a smooth transition into your post-degree career

CLICK HERE for the 2017-2018 VSAMP Student Application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 19th (11:59pm)


If you have any questions about VSAMP, please contact Diane Yoon at

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