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The USC Viterbi Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) helps you to organize your time spent focused on exploring results that benefit society. Each year, the top 25 students who successfully complete the USC Viterbi GCSP areas will be named National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars, recognized both by USC at graduation and the National Academy of Engineering.

Students interested in being designated as Grand Challenge Scholars should demonstrate involvement related to a specific Grand Challenge topic in each of the five areas to the right.  Successful students must carry their involvement related to the challenge across 5 dimensions:

  1. Research/Creativity
  2. Multidisciplinarity
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Cultural Competence
  5. Social Consciousness

The GCSP Committee will only accept applications from graduating seniors.  Each application will be evaluated on the student’s focus on their chosen Grand Challenge and interpretation of their work and experiences across the 5 dimensions.

To learn more about program requirements, the 5 dimensions of GCSP, and how to apply, check out the website!

Jenny Vazquez-Akim

Author Jenny Vazquez-Akim

Jenny is the Director of Student Engagement and Career Connections in the Viterbi Admission & Student Affairs Division. Jenny manages many of the undergraduate student life programs at Viterbi, as well as the services and programs that connect all Viterbi students with their post-graduate plans. Jenny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from USC, a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU, and a Doctorate in Education from UCLA.

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