2016 Senior Design Expo – You’re Invited

EVERYONE is invited to the 2016 Senior Design Expo on Friday, April 29th, from 2:00- 4:30 PM in the Engineering Quad. Seniors will be showing off what they have been working on in their Captsone class to the entire Viterbi community.

As a student, you can get a peek as to the different kinds of projects you will be working on during your senior year. ALSO, you can vote for your favorite project.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Here are the projects that will be at the 2016 Senior Design Expo:

Dynamic Modeling of an Industrial Scale PSA CHE 480
Design of a Pyrogen Ignition System for Solid Rocket Motors AME 441
Magnus Arena CSCI 529ab
Hydrogen for Fuel Cells CHE 480
RoboCart EE 447
Flight Data Analysis for Small UAV Operations CSCI 401
Pressure-Sensing Bed Mat BME 405
Millimeter Wave Drone Network EE 484
Ultrasonic Blade: An ultrasonically actuated knife for kitchen applications AME441a
Hydrogen Production Plant CHE 480
Water by Dre EE459
Effects of Specific Surface Area on Magnetic CoilgunForce Production and Performance AME441A
Paddle Shifters for a Formula SAE car AME 443
Reformer Furnace of Hydrogen Production Plant CHE 480
The Trojan Fight Long-Term Hemodialysis Catheter MPTX 513
Recall VR CSCI 529b
Biokinetic Visualization of ACL Recovery BME 405
Etching Processes for Future Digital Logic Gates Based on III-V Multi-Gate MOSFETs EE 422
Trojaneers: Steam Methane Reforming Che480
Shoe with GPS tracking system and Location Assistance for the blind BME 405
Attenuation of Vortex Noise Generated by UAV Propellers at Low Reynolds Numbers AME 441a
Performance/Commercial Quality Active Speaker EE 423
Grape Zapping! EE 422
SensiTouch: Tactile Wearable Device BME405
Hydrogen Production Plant Design by Sodium Hypobromite (NaBrO) Che 480
Hydrogen Plant Design via Steam Methane Reformation CHE 480
Chambara CSCI 491b

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