The USC Viterbi Freshmen Academies are designed to help you learn about the importance of engineering, the ethical implications of engineering decisions, and understand how engineers affect society, technology, history and politics.

In addition, the Freshmen Academies have “Coaches,” Viterbi upperclassmen who support and act as a resource for you during your transition to USC. Components of the program include:

  • 1 semester, 2 credit course

  • Small class size (limited to 35 students)

  • Allows for additional exposure to engineering faculty in your first semester at USC

  • The only freshman engineering class that combines engineering majors

  • Hosts distinguished guest speakers, engineering lab tours and in-class projects

All Academy Lecture Series

All students enrolled in the Freshmen Academy are provided with the opportunity to hear from professionals, innovators, researchers, and USC alumni in the engineering field through the All Academy Lecture Series. Scheduled three times this semester, you will come together for a quick dinner and interesting evening with an industry professional. You’ll have the chance to hear about their experiences and ask your own questions.

Fall 2016 Lecture Dates and Speakers

See below for speakers for this semester. All lectures are held in Bovard Auditorium at 5:30pm. As speakers are confirmed, profiles will be added to the website.

  • Tuesday, September 6- Linnie Haynesworth
  • Tuesday, October 4- David Hodge
  • Tuesday, November 15- Andrea Armani

Fall 2017 Coaches

All Academy coaches are current Viterbi Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors in all different engineering majors. Students chosen to be mentors for Viterbi freshmen. Coaches are there to answer any questions about the course, Viterbi, USC and any other issues or challenges that you might face during your first year.

Aashka Damani
Adam Walker
Alejandra Fuentes
Anant Chandra
Annie Reed
Ashley Cohn
Clare Sargent
Cole Kurth
Courtney Vu
Daniel Donchev
Emily Palmer
Holly Huber
Jack Cagney
Jennifer Anthony
Joseph Mathews
Julia Sircar
Maria Bacci
Mark Reinhardt
Michael Morikado
Michelle Zhong
Natalie Helms
Natalie Monger
Nathan Alvarez
Olivia Pearson
Patrick Macias
Peter Roberson
Rebecca Thoss
Sarah Milkowski
Shana Douglass
Siena Applebaum
Timmy Malaney
Tony Elevathingal

**Under Construction - Complete Coach Profiles Coming Soon!**


Year in school as of Fall 2017: Senior

Major (and Minor): Electrical Engineering


Profile Coming Soon!


Year in school as of Fall 2017: Junior

Major (and Minor): Biomedical Engineering (Pre-med)

Hometown: Los Angeles

High School you attended: Loyola High School


Student involvement/organizations/campus jobs at USC:

Member, ASBME; WVT Rusch Engineering Honors Program; member, Archery Club


Hanging out with friends, playing video games, reading Game of Thrones, getting chipotle….. a lot…., playing board games with my friends, exploring LA, teaching people new things, cancer research, listening to music while doing anything and everything, writing bios

Favorite memories from freshman year:

  • Staying up super late hanging out with my friends on my floor
  • Being the main player for our floor-wide play through of the horror video game Until Dawn
  • Taking my newly made friends to my favorite places all around Los Angeles
  • All of the home football games
  • The looks on peoples’ faces when they tried In N Out for the first time
  • Being hyper-paranoid while playing a floor-wide game of “assassin” for three weeks and having minor PTSD afterwards

Advice for freshmen:

  • Do not be afraid to make new friends; even though it might feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know how to approach new people, I assure you that most people are in that position at the beginning of freshman year. Just walk up to a person you want to talk to and say hi, it can’t hurt
  • Treasure your time among your dorm mates; they can grow to be some of your closest friends here at USC
  • Be yourself from the start; along the same vein of making friends, make sure to always be yourself. You’re given the chance of a new start with the advent of college, so be sure to be yourself, unabashedly
  • Go to all of your classes; even though all this new-found freedom may be a little overwhelming at first, make sure that you make it to all of your classes (no matter how early they are)
  • It’s definitely better to change your schedule during the first two weeks of classes to better fit your sleeping schedule rather than trying in vain to make your 8 a.m. classes when you have trouble falling asleep before 2 (I know that was a struggle for me until I shifted my schedule around)
  • Make use of all of the great resources that USC has for you; there are an almost uncountable number of clubs and organizations here, so try and find the ones that are right for you